AIX Related Links

Here’s our favourite downloads, tools and resources.

General resources
Provides a number of AIX tools and utilities (select AIX from the page above to show the AIX specific ones), provided on developerWorks (IBM’s resource for developers).

alphaWorks provides a showcase for emerging technologies – this page provides a huge selection of tools / utilities (not AIX / Linux specific).

System microcode
Provides download of system microcode for Power based servers, old and new.

Redbook download
Keep up to date with these valuable guides – use RSS to automate the subscription and download of Redbooks

IBM Electronic Service Agent – ESA
If you have enabled IBM Electronic Service Agent on your system and have an IBM ID associated with it, you can use the Premium Search tool to search IBM technical support documents, flashes, and fixes and filter the search results based only on your system inventory. Download the agent free and start using and exploring ESA

AIX 5L / Linux tools

AIX Expansion Pack and the AIX Web Download Pack
A collection of extra software that extends the base operating system capabilities.

Pre-Req Tool
Details the base support level for any hardware feature on System p servers with POWER5/POWER5+ processors.

FLRT – Fix Level Recommendation Tool
Provides the IBM recommended, minimum fix levels on System p servers with POWER5/POWER5+ processors.

Service and productivity tools for Linux on POWER
Hardware service diagnostic aids and productivity tools for IBM servers running Linux operating systems on POWER4 and POWER5 processors.

AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications
AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications contains a collection of open source and GNU software built for AIX 5L.

Sizing / capacity planning

Consolidation, Discovery and Analysis Tool (CDAT)
A GUI-based tool developed to drive server consolidation studies.

Solution sizing tools
Information you need to create a web-based sizing guide for your application.

nmon performance
The nmon tool is designed for AIX 5L and Linux performance specialists to use for monitoring and analyzing performance data.

ncp and nweb
Use to gather a wealth of information for capacity planning and server consolidation


System Planning Tool
The SPT tool assists the design, validation and deployment of partitioned System p servers. System plans can be created on your laptop, and deployed
via the HMC or IVM.

Advanced POWER Virtualization Assessments
Evaluate with your customers their Advanced POWER Virtualization (APV) readiness, understanding and use of APV

Reference tools

(Americas) Summary of key System p features.

Unofficial System p, BladeCenter and Storage site planning
(Americas) Summary of power, size and operating environment info

RSINFO provides hardware specifications for cards, devices, cables and other devices.

Visio stencils
Repository of Visio stencils for IBM products.


Nigel’s Monitor – NMON and Analyzer

nmon performance — free tool to analyze AIX performance
This free tool gives you a huge amount of information all on one screen. Even though IBM doesn’t officially support the tool and you must use it at your own risk, you can get a wealth of performance statistics. Why use five or six tools when one free tool can give you everything you need? NMON can be downloaded and explored from here.
nmon analyser — free tool to produce AIX performance reports
This free tool is designed to take files produced by the NMON performance tool and turn them into spreadsheets containing high quality graphs ready to cut and paste into performance reports. The tool also produces analyses for ESS and FAStT subsystems. NMON Analyser can be downloaded and accessed from here.